Teeters, Totters & Tykes

By using Creative Curriculum each child will have experiences that enhance their physical, emotional, social and cognitive language development. Each child has their curriculum designed around them. What can your child do now? What can they do with assistance?

Our teaching strategy scaffolds and challenges the child to move forward to the next level, by using developmental appropriate practices. Our goal is to create a partnership with families that support your child rearing practices as part of the process.

As your child arrives they will be introduced to their breakfast and have dedicated choice play for a period of time. This is followed with circle time, that will start the activities for the day and the dedicated theme for the week along with the lessons planned. For toddlers we will plan weekly lessons that challenge your child and motivates your child in a fun learning environment. Learning centers organize the room and materials and encourage specific use of a particular space. By selecting developmentally appropriate materials for each child we can facilitate growth and skill advancement.

The Details

A portion of our curriculum is planning with open-ended experiences to facilitate the co-construction of knowledge for children and themselves. The teachers help children discover their own answers and more importantly help them learn to ask good questions. Children are provided with multiple opportunities and avenues for expressing their understanding of the world. Some activities for expressing their understanding of the world involve sculpting with clay or wire, painting, building with found materials, sketching, acting out stories and dancing. These types of experiences serve to constantly create and recreate the theories about the world that the child is learning.

Daily reports will be provided, in addition to building your child’s individual portfolio. Each portfolio will contain examples of learned activities and growth documented for your viewing. Daily art projects will be collected and provided for you.

By offering a small teacher to child ratio we will be able to facilitate your child’s individual needs and ensure that their learning environment is enriched with play. Children of this age are very possessive of materials and people. Low teacher child ratios and a primary care giving system assist in meeting the social needs of toddlers. Because of this our teachers are more familiar to your child and thus can better meet each child’s need for security and social interaction.

Age Group
18 Months - 4 Years
Class Size
1:6 Ratio
$209-219 Per Week


With an open door policy you'll always feel like family and you are welcome anytime. Our parents partnership with us is key in providing the best care possible.

Play Areas

Our play areas are designed to help children develop for each milestone, as they grow.<br />


With continuing education and development and a staff of veteran educators Elite Childcare Academy is the leader in quality early child care.


Innovation in early childhood education is at our core and is facilitated through the use of Creative Curriculum.


With experienced and new teachers from UNO and Metro Community College you'll find we are passionate about education because we believe in lifelong learning.


Learning is "Child's Play," and our learning centers are designed to promote all areas of development.

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