Our Director

Sara Childers


By providing ongoing training and support by Elite Childcare Academy, we are able to ensure that our staff is of the highest quality. 

Along with nurturing our teachers’ ability to provide loving care and growth for your child’s early development we are able to provide a safe environment that is fun and engaging for each child’s overall growth.

Because our staff policies and professional development are key to running a successful program, expectations for staff run high.

Our plan to become accredited begins with our teachers.  To assist our teachers, monthly ongoing  training allows teachers to have time to further their learning and career.  Staff will be able to care for each child with high standards, focused on each child’s learning abilities.

We believe that teaching starts with ongoing professional development so that we have the best teachers teaching our children the best practices possible.

Education & Development

  • Early Child Consortium of Omaha Area Member Development
  • CPR
  • Safe Kids
  • Safe With You Workships
  • Food Safety Classes
  • Early Learning Guideline Adherence: Creative Arts and Social & Emotional Development
  • Mathematics  and Core Competency

Our Experience

Our staff pool consists of experienced veterans within early child care services along with new teachers from UNO and Metro Community College.

We have professional early child care givers who are passionate about children, learning and teaching.   At Elite Childcare Academy we offer only the best staff with the highest quality educators and leaders.  Through our proven program utilizing Creative Curriculum we are confident that you’ll agree, Elite Childcare Academy is the leader in quality early child care.