Newbies & Crawlers

Infancy is a special time in life where a child requires a secure trusting environment. By offering the same primary caregiver to each infant, our staff is able to build upon that special bond that you’ve created. This allows for our staff to know your child’s cues and meet their individual needs.

We offer a curriculum that is tailored to your infant and their natural rhythms.

Over 30 Years Experience in the childcare and development sector


Teeters, Totters & Tykes

By using Creative Curriculum each child will have experiences that enhance their physical, emotional, social and cognitive language development. Each child has their curriculum designed around them. What can your child do now? What can they do with assistance?

Our teaching strategy scaffolds and challenges the child to move forward to the next level, by using developmental appropriate practices.

Purpose built play areas for your childs growth and education


AGES 4 - 5 Years

NAEYC guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices support our understanding of how to create learning experiences. Providing experiences for all areas of development: physical, cognitive, social, emotional and verbal. Our preschool focuses on observing each child to record their development and identify areas in need of guidance.

The curriculum builds on what the child can do and learns each day. . Curricular experiences should balance practicing or reinforcing skills by introducing new ones.

Fully skilled staff and teachers to get your child ready for primary school

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We are excited to serve our community by establishing a solid foundation in early childhood education.

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