Ages 4-5 Years

NAEYC guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices support our understanding of how to create learning experiences. Providing experiences for all areas of development: physical, cognitive, social, emotional and verbal. Our preschool focuses on observing each child to record their development and identify areas in need of guidance.

The curriculum builds on what the child can do and learns each day. Curricular experiences should balance practicing or reinforcing skills by introducing new ones. Children construct their knowledge and understanding of the world through their experiences with the environment. These explorers try, probe and practice activities while observing the results of their actions.

Preschoolers balance large group interactions, small group interactions and individual choice times. Each learning center provides access to dramatic play, blocks, toys, games, art, discovery center, music and movement. Imitation of others behaviors becomes a part of their play. Simulating playthings are more important for cognitive development and are highly encouraged.

The Details

The most powerful way to promote positive feelings is to provide attention for appropriate behavior. Redirecting negative behaviors to positive behaviors works best.

Our preschool program is designed to ensure that your child is ready for kindergarten. Through use of the Creative Curriculum, they will know their letters, numbers, and sounds and be able to site read words. Expectations will exceed the minimum requirements needed to start school. Our program is a result of careful and detailed planning in accordance with the best available knowledge of early childhood education and development.

Age Group
4 - 5 Years
Class Size
1:12 Ratio
$199 Per Week


With an open door policy you'll always feel like family and you are welcome anytime. Our parents partnership with us is key in providing the best care possible.

Play Areas

Our play areas are designed to help children develop for each milestone, as they grow.<br />


With continuing education and development and a staff of veteran educators Elite Childcare Academy is the leader in quality early child care.


Innovation in early childhood education is at our core and is facilitated through the use of Creative Curriculum.


With experienced and new teachers from UNO and Metro Community College you'll find we are passionate about education because we believe in lifelong learning.


Learning is "Child's Play," and our learning centers are designed to promote all areas of development.

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