Staying Connected

Besides the use of our bulletin board and monthly parent advisory board meeting, our parents will be able to see everything pertaining to their child through their unique parent portal.

A monthly newsletter showcasing our news and events along with the scheduled field trips, special visitors, menu items and any important information will also be available online through the portal.

Student pictures, class events, and conferences will all be available on our website for review and scheduling. Click here for current parent forms.


Our security system for the daily check-in and check-out process is integrated within our Childcare Manager Software. Each time you and your child enter our center you will only be allowed to proceed with valid check-in and check-out procedures.

For added protection we have security cameras installed throughout the facility, at both our entrance doors and outdoor learning and play area doors. Your child’s safety is always our top priority.


With the ease of technology communication we now have found a way to be at your fingertips.  Our website and parent portal are the most important ways that we will be corresponding to our parents. Sometimes when a parent is coming in to drop off or pick up their child they may only have a moment  to spare and with distractions those times of the day we still aspire to make sure that all daily photos and little tidbits about their child’s day are easily shared privately with them. Having the ability to notify a parent of a child’s achievements or what to watch for as they make milestones achievements is something that we don’t want you to miss.

Staying Informed

Suggestions are always welcomed from our parents and we hope that they feel they are part of our community and our program.  Each parent will be able to communicate with the teachers and any questions or concerns that they have will be promptly addressed or escalated as needed to management. Both the parent portal and our website have been built to facilitate your communications with us.