Family Style Serving

Support for encouraging the development of social-emotional skills such as resolving conflict, sharing responsibilities and working collaboratively, can be had during meal time.

Family style serving allows children to serve themselves and encourages supervising adults to set a personal example and provide educational activities that are centered around foods.  This approach allows children to identify and be introduced to new foods, new tastes, and new menus, while developing a positive attitude toward nutritious foods, sharing in group eating situations, and developing good eating habits.

We participate in the Midewest Food Program

midwest child care association

We participate in the Nebraksa Dept of Education

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Nutrition and Physical Activity Self Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) is a practice based intervention designed to enhance policies, practices and environments in child care by improving the quality of food, amount and quality of physical activity, staff-child interactions and facilities nutrition, and physical activity policies, practices and overall wellness.

We will work on physical activity practices, policies as well as the environment for eating.  Our center will promote health and wellness and help fight obesity in our children.