Our Lesson Planning

Elite Childcare Academy is a leader in quality within the childcare industry, providing an innovative and creative learning environment.

Through the use of the Creative Curriculum we assist your child in attaining each early learning guideline, standard and requirement; facilitating school readiness.

Each lesson plan is divided into color coordinated daily study guides that consists of themed lessons for the school week.  Each day consist of unique activities where learning and exploration through structured and interactive play foster development.

Our daily resources feature step by step guidance.  Through teaching guides, intentional teaching cards, mighty minutes, children’s book collections, book discussions cards, professional development, family connections and English language development the individual needs of our children are met while attending our program.

In additional a 30 minute guided reading time is implemented within every day for all ages.  The staff will be able to plan their lessons bases on a foundation of creative curriculum with room for improvising for the different age groups and spontaneous lessons.  Staff will complete a daily lesson plan for each coming week that also addresses specific interests of the children they are working with.

A weekly calendar of lesson plans will be available for you to view each week on our parent portal.

Daily Schedule

Each day starts with circle time. Children will discuss who’s present and sing the welcome song, finishing in large group time with a daily “study” topic.  Afterwards, students will be dismissed to choice time.

Following lunch students continue their day with a read-along story time followed by small group time for their daily study activity.

Some students will arrive in time for breakfast and others will experience varying meal and nap times during the day. We will be providing snacks and lunch as well as rest periods for appropriate age groups.

Nutritional and well balanced USDA approved meals provided by Midday Meals will be served and contain suggested servings of fruits, juices or vegetables, dairy, whole grains, protein and water and milk.


Parents will notice that our rooms are divided into small group sizes that rotate through different stations throughout the day.  Our preschool is divided into two large groups with each having their own lead and assistant teacher.  After large group time, groups will be divided for smaller group sizes wher the ration of teacher-to-child will be intimate, thus allowing for that intimate hands-on feel.

Instead of just watching the children our teachers will be actively engaged with each child and be able to pick up on any cues, problems, concerns, delays, progressions, etcetera.  Active learning and engagement is jus a part of you child’s day.