Newbies & Crawlers

Infancy is a special time in life where a child requires a secure trusting environment. By offering the same primary caregiver to each infant, our staff is able to build upon that special bond that you’ve created. This allows for our staff to know your child’s cues and meet their individual needs.

We offer a curriculum that is tailored to your infant and their natural rhythms. We will work closely with you so that we understand the infant’s behavior and changing schedule for both eating and sleeping. The basic activities of our focus are sleeping, feeding and playing. As infants change their sleeping schedules will adjust to allow more time for exploration and engagement. Infant play might consists of reaching-grasping games, visual focusing activities and standing/bouncing singing games. These activities are just a few your infant will be engaged in.

We will work with each individual child, creating an atmosphere for sleep with soft music, a favorite toy or a stuffed animal, along with individual lullabies and rocking. If a backrub is what your child needs no matter the need we are there. Babies will only be placed on their back and on a firm mattress to provide the safest sleep environment.

The Details

We encourage breast feeding and understand that most infants eat every two to four hours. Demand feeding involves more flexibility for the caregiver building a bond between the same caregiver and the infant. We will record the time of feedings and the amount of milk, food, formula or breast milk that each child consumes. By maintaining eye contact, talking to and building a relationship we will create a secure foundation for your infant.

Diapering is vigilant and will occur with a diaper check every 30 minutes or on demand. Your infant will always be changed when wet or soiled. It is common to have seven or eight changes within a 12 hour period. Each changing station is disinfected after each child’s change. We will document patterns of normalcy and look for any causes of irregularities. By consistently recording and sharing information with you we will be able to meet the infant’s needs and involve the family in the child’s daily experiences.

Age Group
6 Weeks - 18 Months
Class Size
1:4 Ratio
$229 Per Week


With an open door policy you'll always feel like family and you are welcome anytime. Our parents partnership with us is key in providing the best care possible.

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Our play areas are designed to help children develop for each milestone, as they grow.<br />


With continuing education and development and a staff of veteran educators Elite Childcare Academy is the leader in quality early child care.


Innovation in early childhood education is at our core and is facilitated through the use of Creative Curriculum.


With experienced and new teachers from UNO and Metro Community College you'll find we are passionate about education because we believe in lifelong learning.


Learning is "Child's Play," and our learning centers are designed to promote all areas of development.

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