Learning Through Exploration

It has been said that “Play is the business of childhood, through play a child explores and experiences his world.”

Our program is designed to develop children’s positive self-concept and help them grow and learn at their own pace. We offer educational experiences that seek to further the child’s physical and mental development.

Learning centers with Elite Childcare Academy are designed to promote children’s language skills – listening and speaking – creative thinking, problem solving, number concepts, large and small muscle coordination and responsibility for caring for one’s self. By offering a quality program with the use of “Creative Curriculum” we are able to scaffold learning and give each child the best chance for success in school readiness.  We encourage not only a child’s academic and development stages but we also include the five selves, teaching them how to learn.

Infant Development

All babies grow and develop at different rates.  We will help your baby develop healthy practices during their first months by helping to establish healthy eating and sleeping patterns.

This is a time to get acquainted and we will foster a relationship that’s enjoyable for both the child and the caregiver.  Our infant staff  will be knowledgeable, warm and responsive to your baby’s needs.

Parent’s choice formula is provided, as well as cereal and baby food. Parents are welcome to supplement their child’s diet with foods that meet their child’s needs. Diapers and wet wipes are required provisions of each parent and will be stored in their child’s personal cubby.

An infant report will go home each day with your child.

Toddler Development

Children ages 18 months to 4 Years of age are cared for and taught  by trained caregivers.  Toddler curriculum includes large muscle development and small manipulative skills, arts and crafts coloring, singing and finger plays.  Children are read to and encouraged to join in on all activities. We assist children in potty training. A snack, breakfast and a hot lunch are provided for our toddlers every day.  Parents must provide diapers and wet wipes, which are stored in their child’s personal cubby. A toddler topic will go home with your child every day, telling you about the events of their day.


Children three to five years of age are divided into groups by age and ability. Children in need of additional developmental work are put in an appropriate preschool class. Preschool runs each day from 9:000 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. during the school year for all children present at those times.

The concepts covered during preschool hours include:

  • Sensorial
  • Reading Readiness
  • Mathematics
  • Art
  • Music
  • Motor Activity
  • Science
  • Everyday Living Skills

Our sensorial education strives to make the child aware of their senses and how to use them to develop attention, observation, comparison and classification skills.  Our language arts program is designed to help children associate each letter with its sound and to form words by combining sounds.

In mathematics the child learns to associate the abstract symbols with real-life quantity; the basics for success in elementary school mathematics.  Everyday living skills include how to tie your shoes, personal hygiene habits, safety rules, etc.

Field trips are planned on a daily basis during the summer for preschoolers and school aged children.  We will visit businesses, parks and recreational facilities.

Physical Development

Our center has a large amount of both indoor and outdoor space for each child to explore and play.  During the academic year we educate each child on hygiene and basic self-help skills.  Small and large motor skills are emphasized according to the child’s individual stages of development.

Cognitive Development

Our program is directed towards what each child can accommodate academically.  Language and vocabulary are emphasized. With this, communications skills needed to function as an independent person in our society are being practiced and developed.  Preschool is designed to prepare each child for enrollment in elementary school.

Elite Childcare Academy curriculum is based on the “Creative Curriculum” by Teaching Strategies.  This curriculum lays a foundation for your child’s success in school and in meeting core standards.  We cover all important areas of your child’s development in learning social, emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, math, science, technology, social studies, and the arts.  As well, English language acquisition from the Early Learning Guidelines will be taught.  Through the use of individualized class lesson plans for the day each domain will be addressed: creative, social, emotional, cognitive and physical selves.  Creative Curriculum’s 38 objectives encompass all this.

Learning through daily studies, in which hands-on opportunities for exploration offer the chance for children to practice critical approaches to learning: attention, engagement, persistence, problem solving, flexibility, inventiveness in thinking, curiosity and motivation is found.  Imagination and curiosity are truly valued her at Elite Childcare Academy.

We Promise to provide a safe, comfortable environment for early learning.

We will help each child learn to develop self-discipline and independence while working with their emotions in an appropriate manner. When necessary, using redirection, time-out and time-in will assist with any distractions of negative behaviors.

Teach a child to relate to others, to value friendship and to respect all people…and you have fostered the basics of learning.