Our Mission

Elite Childcare Academy provides exceeding excellence in childcare. By focusing on national standards with primary support by caregivers who focus on small groups within the classroom allowing continuity of support throughout development, we are able to enhance children’s learning from 6 weeks to 12 years of age, establishing the building blocks for lifelong learners.

Welcome To The Academy

When visiting Elite Childcare Academy a parent can expect to be welcomed at the door.  They will pass through our security system and check in utilizing our Childcare Manager software.

A new client will have a greeting package that outlines our policies and procedures.  Within the package a survey for each child is included to assist us in learning about your child’s interests, favorites and fears.

You’ll also find survey information pertaining to your expectations of your child’s development and the supporting roles of their teachers and class schedule.

At Elite Childcare Academy we have an open door policy.  That not only means that parents can visit their children anytime but they can meet with the director with any concerns or questions at any time as well.

Our parents’ partnership with early child care providers is needed to be able to communicate at all times, so that we can each assist with development.

Another way we want parents to be included is with our Parent Advisory Board. Here our parents will be able to feel safe to open up and discuss any ideas, suggestions and implementations that are built around our program.

In addition, we have our parent’s bulletin board with the calendar of events and newsletters, along with other communications. Different sponsored events and classes by outside vendors will be available for each student. CPR class, paid by Elite Childcare Academy or jewelry making classes are just a few of the offered classes.

We want our facility to feel like a second home where everyone can learn and try new things. You are always welcome to come and visit at any time.

smiling kids at Elite Childcare Academy